When it comes to physical therapy, you have a choice... CHOOSE ZIELINSKI PHYSICAL THERAPY AND ASSOCIATES, P.C., the most experienced physical therapists in Monroe CT.

Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. has an outstanding reputation for providing exceptional personal care that yields superior results. Here is what other patients have to say:

Senator Debra Lee Hovey When State Representative Debra Lee Hovey, injured the ACL in her knee, she chose Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. to help her return to her previous level of function.

"Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. was very accommodating to my crazy schedule and tried very hard to make my life easy. I now have the full use of my leg."

Marathon Runner, Marty Scaivone When Marathon Runner, Marty Schaivone, injured himself, he chose Peter S. Zielinski, P.T. and Associates, P.C. He now runs better than before his injury.

"I became much more knowledgeable about what it takes to maintain strength, flexibility and balance and its importance to my sport. I recommend Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. without hesitation."

I want to offer Andrew my kindest thanks for all he did for me during my therapy visits. His knowledge, expertise, and caring manner or "cura personalis" were much appreciated. I am greatful for the improvement in my condition at your very skillful hands. we need more people like you in the healthcare professions.

With Gratitude,


I just want to thank Andrew for his kindness and patience in working with me on my rehabilitation. I am amazed at how far I have progressed. I feel encouraged.


Paula M.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the excellent professional treatment and sensitivity you showed me as I learned to walk again after my back injury. I am indebted to you for your expertise as a physical therapist. Session by session I felt you guide me back to the life I had before. I will always appreciate the honesty and clarity you used to communicate new movements ans exercises that I needed to perform. I also want to commend your office staff for their friendliness and assistance.


Dr. M. Schiff

I have had physical therapy before. "Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. is by far, superior in knowledge, and innovative treatment techniques. I liked the encouraging and caring atmosphere, and the effective treatment I received. I now have more strength and flexibility than before."

Elaine S.

The therapists were patient, gentle and kind. I was nervous about attending physical therapy, but the treatments and the home exercise routine were extremely beneficial and effective. I have already referred 2 people, and hope not to need physical therapy in the future.I will definitely use Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. should a need arise!

Lisa Boff

My daughter is a physical therapist, and she sent me to Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. once for my back, and once for my hip replacement. I see improvement every day, and I'm getting stronger. Denise was very caring. I would highly recommend them.

Jean C.

I have never had physical therapy before. "Peter and his staff were comforting and professional. Appointments were educational and helpful My injury, (2 herniated lumbar discs), was treated while I learned life lessons on preventing future injuries. I was told I would need surgery, but Peter prevented me from going to the operating room! THANK YOU!

Sara Mayer

Thank you to Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C., and to Dr. Ranno who referred me here. I can sit longer and stretch better.

Susan S.

I had a pinched nerve in my neck, and was referred to Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. The hands-on program individually customized brought me back to 100% normal. I have been to other physical therapy practices and can say this was the best because it was more hands-on.

Michael Opitz

Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. is the only one I use. They took care of my rotator cuff, my torn meniscus, and my torn ACL. They were very professional, and knowledgable, and I'm back to golf. Great job!

Robert B. Doyle

My orthopedic surgeon referred me to Zielinski Physical Therapy and Associates, P.C. for pain in my right knee. I received experienced professional quality care. I am very satisfied with the care and the results. I can walk up stairs now without pain. I have referred my family and my friends.

Carolina M.

With fear and trepidation I approached physical therapy hoping it would do no more harm to my torn rotator cuffs. Thank you, thank you for your perception in recognizing my unspoken apprehension and calming my dread. Your gentle approach and thorough explanations are clearly understandable. It has been a wonderful experience feeling physically more comfortable each week, and at my age, with rheumatoid arthritis, I can improve my overall well being. Kudos, you have done a splendid job, and I shall tell Dr. Guadagnole how truly special you are.

With Many Hugs,

Ellie E.

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